Used Furnace Case Study: B54TH refurbishment

BMI as a designer & manufacturer offers a global solution from the customer's first need with support in drafting the Technical Specifications, to the manufacturing, the commissioning and the After Sales Technical Support.

We offer the same service when you purchase a second-hand furnace. BMI will guide you each step of the way, from the purchase to the commissioning.

We currently have a B54TH furnace in our workshop (vacuum oil quenching furnace).

This furnace was manufactured by BMI in 2018. After buying it back from the customer in 2023, the furnace was sent back to BMI's workshop to undergo thorough control and big refurbishment works by adding the acetylene carburizing feature.


Here is the list of the works done by BMI for the refurbishment of this used furnace :

- Refurbishment "like new" with a complete Maintenance Procedure

- Furnace upgrade with the last generation Zenon supervision software

- Adding of the ALLCARB® feature (Low Pressure Carburizing):

  1. Heating chamber modifying
  2. Pumping circuit modifying
  3. New gaz circuit integration
  4. Software modifying by adding the carburizing gas flow management system

- Organizing transportation to the new owner's workshop

- On-site commissioning

- Staff training on the furnace use & maintenance

A few photos of the refurbishment works in BMI's workshop


This B54TH furnace from 2018, was turned into a B54THC (with Carburizing) in 2023 and it will soon join its new owner's workshop.


Results of the operation "Used & Refurbished furnace" :

  • A used furnace that has been recycled and put back into the industrial lifecycle. We favored the circular economy, thus allowing to reduce industrial wastes while reducing greenhouse gas emissions (compared to what would have been needed to produce a brand new furnace)
  • A furnace "like new" for the new owner
  • Over 30% savings made by the new owner compared to the purchase of a brand new B54THC


Despite the big modification works on the furnace, it was an interesting financial operation for the customer to buy a used vacuum furnace that has been refurbished.

Let us know your need and we will find the best solution for you (new furnace, used furnace available on the market, used furnace to be refurbished). Our expert team from Customer Service will assist you to offer the solution with the best quality-price ratio.

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