A V6_TH furnace in Europe

BMI has just completed the commissioning of its 10th Vertical Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnace.

The V6_TH range was specifically launched in 2006 to heat treat long tapering aerospace parts, such as landing gears. Until today, only Chinese aircraft manufacturers had ordered this very specific XXL furnace.

Today, we are happy to have our first European customer equipped with a V66THC200, which includes low pressure carburizing and vacuum oil quenching processes. It is a Spanish customer working in the wind-power industry and which also provides heat treating services to the industrial sub-contractors of the region. The V66THC200 can treat parts up to 2m long and 3000 kg. These are considered exceptional capacities for the European continent.

The first V6_TH installed in Spain


BMI's 11th V6_TH furnace is already in the assembly and testing process in our workshop and will be delivered in 2023 to a European customer of the Aerospace sector.

The 11th V6_TH is being assembled in BMI's workshop