1947 – 2022 : 75th Anniversary

Do you remember ? In 2017 BMI was celebrating its 70th Anniversary with customers, sales representatives, employees and their families. 

It all started in 1947, when the Baudassé brothers founded the company. In 1977, the company became as you know it today: B.M.I. stands for Baudassé Martin Industries, the merger of two companies.

Today in 2022, we are already reaching 75 years of existence and over 45 years of expertise in the vacuum and plasma technology.


75 years, it is worth celebrating, especially after two and half years of pandemic and restrictions. We organized an internal event among employees with a friendly breakfast full of French pastries.

A souvenir gift has been specifically created to mark this symbolic rite of passage. A very nice Opinel knife, made in Rhône-Alpes (B.M.I.’s region of origin) and which stainless steel blade is a nice reminder of our core business: the heat treatment of steels.


We are looking forward to the next big step in B.M.I.’s history: the 80th Anniversary in 2027. Save the date !